Five ways a real estate attorney helps Sellers get to closing

1. The contract
Whether you receive one offer or many, your attorney can help you interpret the strength of the offers. Also, since Buyers write up the offers, sometimes they include errors or unreasonable terms. We will find them before they become problematic. Need a special provision that the offer did not address? We can take care of that too.

2. Issues raised by the Buyer
What is the real reason that a Buyer is asking for a particular term or extension of time? Is it incidental and likely to go away shortly, or does it signal a potential problem that will cause the closing to drag out for months or potentially fall apart? We can help you understand Buyer requests as they arise.

3. Disclosures and documents required of sellers
All Sellers will have to make some disclosures, but which ones apply depend on the location, age, and type of property being sold. We can tell you which are required, and can assist in obtaining water, zoning, municipal, and condominium documents and certifications where required, to minimize the amount of bureaucracy that you have to attend to.

4. Advise you on any underlying problems with the property
Sometimes there are underlying issues with properties, such as an unpaid tax bill or other lien. We can help you assess such matters and work with you to clear them as quickly as possible, so that they are out of the way for closing.

5. Prepare the documents required for you to close
The list of documents to transfer the property to the Buyers is lengthy, especially if the property is held by a trust, LLC, or an estate. Fortunately, we make it as easy as possible to get through any of these scenarios, and complete the sale.