Estate Planning

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Your Story Is So Much More Than Assets.

Will Generations To Come Understand That?

You know your story entails experiences. And values. And knowledge. Assets only scratch the surface of that. So how will you communicate those other things to not only your children and other family members today but future generations many years from now? And what will you do to maximize the impact of your life’s work?

At Windy City Legal, our point of difference lies in our perspective on estate planning. We believe it takes planning and a shared understanding between you and your beneficiaries of your values. Without that common ground, it becomes less likely that your lifetime of work will have the maximum impact on the lives of those you care about most.

As we all know, life is rarely set in stone. Things change. When they do, we can help you revisit the plans, and update them so they are in alignment with your goals.

Working with a Chicago estate planning lawyer at Windy City Legal, you’ll be in a position to put a structure in place to help you build your legacy over the long term, while making provisions to care for your family members, including young children, aging parents, and persons with special needs, in case circumstances change suddenly.

It’s the advantage of working with an estate planning lawyer from Windy City Legal who believes in Estate Planning For Life. Discover how each of these stages may impact you. Then let’s talk about the one you’re in today.