Estate planning is a wise investment – for singles, for couples, for families – whether starting out, mid-career, approaching retirement, or beyond.
Much more than a disposition of assets, it can be a means to grow and protect them for multiple generations – all while it also protects you, your spouse, your children, and more.
Comprehensive estate planning can address many things: family needs, care for children, guardianship, known or potential disabilities, finances and investments, businesses, real estate, intellectual property and royalties, charitable interests and community endeavors, pets, unique assets, and beyond.
And it can reflect and preserve your values, goals, family history, experiences, and personal journey.
Estate planning is scaled to meet your needs and fit your dreams and ambitions. The process starts with a conversation, for us to get to know each other, and identify general factors, concerns, and objectives that may shape the plan. 


Estate planning is essential to making sure that your family remains safe even after you are gone, and that your legacy remains secure.


Many people want to avoid the need for a probate proceeding. With careful planning, it usually is possible to do so.


Planning includes taking care of your own needs, and making sure you will be protected if a disability prevents you from handling everyday matters.


Each individual and family is unique, but some of the underlying motivations and objectives for estate planning come up frequently, including:

 – Avoid the time and cost of a probate proceeding
 – Maintain and administer assets privately
 – Retain control over assets and health decisions
 – Provide support for my spouse and/or children
 – Provide support for a family member with a disability or special needs
 – Keep certain property in the family
 – Keep assets away from certain people
 – Make gifts to children or grandchildren
 – Make donations to selected charities
 – Preserve flexibility or access to capital
 – Manage tax impacts


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