You Didn’t Choose The Day To Become An Executor.

But You’re Not Handling This Alone.

Picture yourself thrust into a situation where a family member or close friend has just passed away and named you the executor or personal representative of the estate. You didn’t really choose to have that title and responsibility. Yet, here you are.

Now you find yourself sifting through records, being lobbied by family members and trying to get a handle on the estate. It might seem like a second full-time job.

Probate cases often arise when the decedent has never done any estate planning or when the assets of the estate outgrew the planning that was done.

What’s The Best Case Scenario In Probate?

Having good counsel to guide you. That’s where Windy City Legal comes in.

Yes, in the majority of Chicago and Cook County probate cases, there’s a great deal of work to be done, but we’ll help you as an executor get a better handle on the probate process so that you can fulfill your legal obligations while still living your own life.

Our objective is to make the probate process – as much as possible – a unifying experience for the family rather than a divisive one.

Let Windy City Legal focus on alleviating the questions and pressures that come with being an executor in probate, helping you through the process efficiently and compassionately.