When someone close to you passes away, there may be several things left to do.
Sometimes the estate needs to be probated in court.  Sometimes that is not required.

Sometimes there is a will, sometimes a trust, sometimes neither of these. 

And this may just scratch the surface. Administering the estate may entail gathering accounts, transferring their home or other real estate, collecting life insurance, dealing with vehicles, paying final bills and expenses, and more. 

We can assist the Executor or Representative of the estate to determine the next steps, any deadlines, and to navigate the process as smoothly and easily as possible. 

The issues in the administration of a decedent’s estate may vary from case to case and family to family.  Some of the common themes are: 

 – Transferring the home or other real estate to named heirs;
 – Selling real estate when multiple heirs have a fractional interest;
 – Gathering assets;
– Transferring vehicles;
 – Distributing property;
 – Dealing with accumulated bills and creditors;
 – Pursuing claims or litigation on behalf of the deceased;
 – Doing a final accounting.

Contact us for assistance with these or other issues in the estate. 


We can advise when a probate case is required or beneficial, and when other options are available, so you can move forward with confidence.


We provide step-by-step guidance on what needs to be done and when, and prepare the court filings for you.


We can assist with what needs to be done to distribute assets, and to either sell any real estate or keep it in the family.


Need help with probate?

You may not have chosen to become an executor of an estate. But you don’t have to handle it alone.
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