How online estate planning forms can hurt your legacy

The proliferation of online forms, templates, and services has extended to estate planning.  But their users miss out on some important things.

1.  One size does not fit all

Internet-based services leave out many of the best reasons for estate planning:
•    assessing long-term and lifetime goals;
•    implementing strategies to reach them;
•    addressing any deficiencies;
•    creating mechanisms to preserve and protect assets;
•    addressing difficult issues, rather than leaving them to others to address during a time of stress; and
•    ensuring future security by putting appropriate mechanisms in place to take care of the family.

Unfortunately, internet-based services are designed to address routine situations, rather than these kinds of individual needs.

2.  Small oversights lead to big problems

It can be costly to omit provisions, and devastating when the documents are not properly executed.  Problems discovered later may cause delays, court expenses, and unnecessary stress.  Professional planning guides you through the process to avoid these effects.

3.  Don’t forget about the Rule Against Perpetuities

Not sure what that last reason means?  It’s an example from among hundreds of considerations that we take into account when crafting an estate plan specifically for you.  Online forms can lull the user away from carefully considering different issues, possibilities, and approaches.