Marriage and Children


You Have Your Whole Life Ahead Of You.

So There’s A Lot To Plan For That You Can’t See.

When you’re a young couple with young children, your mind may be racing at a million miles an hour as you think about what you need to get accomplished today, how you’re almost out of baby formula, and how to move out of the apartment that was great for the two of you but has become too small for your growing family.

There’s another thing to think about, however, which is:

What would your plan be if something unfortunate happens to you or your spouse? In that event, what resources do you have in place?

What’s happens to the surviving parent? Is the house going to be able to be maintained? What happens to the child or children if neither parent survives?

You may have some plans far off in the future that might involve college planning and retirement – but if something happens well before that, your children won’t be able to fend for themselves. A whole lot of questions will present themselves right then. Not later.

That calls for an estate planning conversation with Windy City Legal right now. Get the peace of mind that you have a plan in place for your children should the need ever arise. We may talk about guardianship to protect minor children and make sure they are cared for properly, insurance solutions to cover liabilities such as mortgages or outstanding loans – which can become a serious burden if the family income suddenly drops, steps you can take to minimize or eliminate the need for probate should something happen, and strategies to address any other contingencies which might concern you.

They sure do grow up fast – and when they go from 8 to 18 and are headed off to college, why is it important for you to pay close attention to estate planning? Follow the next stage on the path in Estate Planning for Life and discover why there’s at least one major issue that demands your attention at this point in your life as a parent.