Early 20’s and Starting Out

Is It Too Early In Life To Talk About Your Legacy?
We Don’t Think So.

When you’re a young person entering the professional world, you might believe that nothing will happen to you. And the goals of sending your own children off to college and eventually retiring feel so far off that they’re almost irrelevant.

Although your situation today is going to be less complicated than it will be in future years, it’s still a great time to put a valuable structure in place, and to build good financial practices – even if it’s only a relatively small amount in the beginning.

The most valuable asset for people in their 20’s is time.  Even small and basic steps taken during the early years can yield significant benefits down the road.

Talking to an estate planning attorney at Windy City Legal can highlight some of these opportunities. When you look back later later in life, you will be glad that you did.

When you meet “The One,” we fully expect them to be present with you at the estate planning table as well. On the next stage of your journey in Estate Planning for Life, see what’s in store for you as you become married and have children.